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WINTER STYLES With a one-of-a-kind appearance, French Bulldogs are sure to become the center of attention every time they show up in the crowd. Some of you may question whether it’s worth investing in dog clothes. The answer is definitely yes, especially in the cold weather. Like human beings, dogs need to dress comfortably and warmly. We’ve rounded up a list of the best winter outfits for French Bulldogs – 2021 collection in the

ITS SPRING TIME,  STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!! Dogs tend to love spring because they get to spend more time outdoors. After being cooped up during the winter it is a joy for them to be able to take advantage of the lengthening and warming days to release all of their pent-up winter energy. It is equally joyful for us watching our dogs have a good time Spring is in the air! This means

False Pregnancy or Pseudopregnancy in Dogs False pregnancy or pseudo-pregnancy are terms that refer to a display of maternal (mothering) behavior combined with the physical signs of pregnancy following estrus ("heat") in an unspayed female dog that is not actually pregnant. A false pregnancy may occur in a dog, regardless of whether or not she was mated. The majority of intact female dogs will show some signs of false pregnancy after an estrus

Can Bulldogs get Pregnant Naturally? Written by Jacob C  in Bulldog Care   While the answer is yes, bulldogs can get pregnant naturally, it is important to note that they do not get pregnant easily when using natural methods. First, with many bulldog breeds, the chest, shoulders and head are much larger than their hips. What this means is that the dog is usually heavier in the front than they are in the back When a male bulldog mounts a

French Bulldog Heat Cycle It can be messy and worrying too; particularly if you’ve not had a female dog before. If you’ve ever wondered how many times a year a French Bulldog goes into heat, what the signs are, how long they bleed, and how long the heat cycle lasts, then this guide will be the perfect primer for you.   How often do French Bulldogs go into heat? French Bulldogs tend to go into heat

FRENCH BULLDOGS COLORS While French Bulldog colors vary depending on the parents’ genes, what these incredible dogs are most known for is their adorable and charming behavior. They are excellent watchdogs but aren’t known to be big barkers. Frenchies have a short, shiny, and smooth coat and their skin is typically loose and wrinkled especially around their faces. There are a variety of French Bulldog colors from light to dark coat. American Kennel Club Approved French

Is A French Bulldog For Me? French Bulldogs are the best pet dogs, and you shouldn’t dispute that. The answer to the question is a BIG YES!! .They are fun to be with, comical and openly amiable, although it isn’t just their personality that seems to make them the best pets. Furthermore, being naturally pleasant and comfortable in an apartment, means that they love cuddles and being close to their human .Wait to

AUTUM STYLES  Bulldogs look ADORABLE in a Fashion Sweater, with rainy shoes, beautiful hoodies, jackets to keep them warm, hats to protect their head, so GET READY FOR SOME AUTUM OUTFITS. Take advantage of this season to dress your frenchie with awesome styles, we have matching cloth for you and your furry friend.  Let's start with this Cute Sweater that will make your Frenchie look Elegant and Fashion. AUTUMN AND WINTER FASHION SWEATER Our sweater products are

CELEBRITIES WITH FRENCHIES Bulldogs are amazing partners. A number of Bulldogs have received worldwide publicity, and became real stars.  Singers, Actors, and Athletes have joined the bulldog-fever and jumped into this adorable  adventure of owning one or two ! Get ready to get your “Aww” on with these famous faces and their fun French and English Bulldogs.   ADAM SANDLER AND MEATBALL Credit: @adamsandler instagram LADY GAGA+ASIA Credit: @ladygaga instagram VERNE TROYER AND BANANA Credit: @vernetroyer instagram  GLORIA ESTEFAN WITH ISAAC Credit: @gloriaestefan instagram DAVID

French Bulldogs Allergies Like many other breeds, French Bulldogs have been known to be sensitive to allergens found in food or the environment around them, so learning to recognize the signs of an allergic reaction will help your Frenchie enjoy a healthy life. Types of French Bulldog Allergies Food Allergies The most common food allergy is related to certain proteins, which requires your Frenchie to have more lean meat. The foods below are known to cause allergic reactions

                  Fruits and vegetables for your Frenchie Fruits are a great addition to a French bulldog diet, but they do contain natural sugar, so you only want to feed them as a treat, not the main part of your pup's diet. Also, too much fruit can lead to tummy upset and unpleasant French bulldog farts. FRUITS Apple (no seeds) Bananas Blackberries Blueberries Coconut (no husk) Cranberries Mango (no pits) Oranges Peaches (no pits) Pineapple Raspberries

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