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5 Tips to Train and Educate your FRENCHIE

5 Tips to Train and Educate your FRENCHIE

Do you think that your French bulldog is properly trained? The French bulldog is a fairly docile breed and generally good, but they do have a unique stubborn personality that can challenge even the most patience dog-parents.

Not to worry, in this article, we will share a few training tips you can try at home and get the peace back to your home.

Living with an untrained dog can be a very bad experience that we do not recommend to anyone, and in most cases, it’s the parents that are to blame. Just like we do with children, is best to teach them young so they can create a culture and well behavior.

# 1 Start training your Frenchie as a puppy

The idea is to start since day one, you can easily do more harm than good if you start over spoiling your frenchie and will have long-lasting consequences. 

Training a French bulldog as a puppy is like training a sponge, everything you teach them, they will learn quickly and they will not get tired of learning, is the perfect time to show them where to do their business, where they will find their food and where they should be sleeping.

Once you achieve the essentials you can jump to the fun tricks such as, sitting down, jumping, or catching the frisbee etc.

# 2 Don’t let your Frenchie train you

Your furry friend needs to understand who is the leader of the pack, hopefully, its not HIM or HER or you will be facing tons of cleaning work.

Modulate your tone of voice and always be consistent. They will learn through repetition and emotions. So make sure you understand that you have to stick to your own rules in order to show them the correct behavior they should be following.

No, you do not have to scream at your doggies, but you do have to have a firm tone when you are trying to correct them. Also, a huge mistake most dog owners do is screaming their dog’s name when their dogs  misbehave, this causes confusion between something good (their name) and a bad action (the tone of voice )

# 3 Create a life pattern for your puppy

Create a routine, this is essential to training your puppies (no matter the breed) they need structure and someone to show them the lead.
For this reason, you should write down a schedule of activities for your puppies.

#4 Train after a walk

They will need outdoors time for sure and you can use this as a perfect opportunity to wear them out and then try some training sessions. Obviously you don’t want to overwork them but if you take them out for a short walk and they release some energy then they can be more focused when you are trying to teach them something important.

# 5 The reward and punishment in training

According to the learning theory of Dr. Edward Thorndike, a behavior that gives a pleasant and positive result will tend to be repeated, and behavior whose result is not pleasant will tend not to be repeated. We can apply the same theory with our frenchies.

We are not suggesting you go praising your pup for every tiny thing he does but if you notice he starts to “hint”  he needs to go out to pee then you should reward that behavior by taking him out and giving him a treat accompanied by petting and nice words.

In the other hand if he pees in the carpet after you repeatedly showed him NOT to do so, then you can change your tone of voice and show him you are not pleased with his actions. Some owners put them in time-out areas but that depends on the size of your living space.

Let us make something clear, we are against animal abuse in any shape or form so do not take this advice the wrong way.

In conclusion, you should love and care of your frenchie since day one, yes it will be a nice challenge to train them but the reward is just as sweet,
Consistency, routine, and patience will win the battle against any stubborn frenchie.

Let us know if you agree with this 5 essential tips to training your frenchies and if you have any other advice for us frenchieparents.


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