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While French Bulldog colors vary depending on the parents’ genes, what these incredible dogs are most known for is their adorable and charming behavior. They are excellent watchdogs but aren’t known to be big barkers.

Frenchies have a short, shiny, and smooth coat and their skin is typically loose and wrinkled especially around their faces.

There are a variety of French Bulldog colors from light to dark coat.

American Kennel Club Approved French Bulldog Color

The AKC has been around since the 1800s and has been the recognized expert in health, breed, and training of dogs. According to the AKC, there are 11 approved codes for French Bulldog colors:


Fawn can range from light to dark. The dark fawn often has a reddish tint. Many fawn-colored Frenchies have a black muzzle, a white chest, and patches of white on their coat.

The Fawn color family includes the following colors:

  • Fawn
  • Fawn & White
  • Fawn Brindle
  • White & Fawn
  • Fawn Brindle & White


This is also referred to as pied-colored. White Frenchies may have patched of brindle or fawn.



Brindle (including Brindle & White or White & Brindle)

The brindle pattern is often referred to as ‘tiger-striped’ A brindle-colored Frenchie may appear dark or light depending on the hair patterns. They may have a white chest and white patches on their fur.

The Brindle color family includes the following colors:

  • Brindle
  • Brindle & White
  • White & Brindle


White, cream, and cream & white French Bulldogs are all easy to spot and their coat color looks exactly like you’d think.

These colored Frenchies are the ones you will see most often and were the most common French Bulldog colors when the AKC approved and created codes for colors.

The Cream color family includes:

  • Cream
  • Cream & White
There are 11 official AKC approved French Bulldog colors that include:
  1. Fawn
  2. Fawn & White
  3. Fawn Brindle
  4. White & Fawn
  5. Fawn Brindle & White
  6. White
  7. Brindle
  8. Brindle & White
  9. White & Brindle
  10. Cream
  11. Cream & White


Rare-Colored French Bulldogs

While there are 11 approved French Bulldog colors, there are also 5 rare colors due to breeding influences. Although these colors are rare, many potential Frenchie parents seek out a pet with these colors. These rare French Bulldog colors include:

  1. Blue
  2. Lilac
  3. Blue and Tan
  4. Chocolate and Tan
  5. Blue Merle


Frenchies with these unique colors typically come with a price as the rare-colored Frenchies cost more due to being less common and more popular.

However, some buyers don’t care if the dog can’t compete. They are just happy being owners of a Frenchie that they believe to be “rare”.

Despite of the color you choose, the French Bulldogs are quirky and playful. Suitable for families with or without children, they can also get along with cats and other pets if properly introduced. French Bulldogs rarely bark and, while they need some exercise, they don’t require much, making them popular among city dwellers.

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