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Get to know your English Bulldog

If we wanted to define the English Bulldog, perhaps the perfect adjective would be “wide lovable machine”.

The Body

These dogs have certain physical characteristics that make them unmistakable, for example, it’s head. The head of this breed is quite large in relation to the rest of the body, it has wide jaws and the area between the eyes and the nose – what experts call “nasal-frontal depression” – deep and surrounded by thick layers of skin. wrinkles that are more visible in puppies. And quite frankly they look adorable!

Don’t you agree?

They are a medium-sized, medium-weight, short-height dogs with a wide and powerful complexion. Their body is robust and it almost seems like they have no neck but this is due to the fact that their bodies are thick at the top and have an excess of skin folding around their necks.

Bulldog colors are diverse they can be white, black, reddish or brindle, we can even find them in a mix of colors that give them each a perfect shine of personality.

You don’t need to worry about grooming long fuzzy hair since this breed has straight, short hair and you can keep up with the maintenance by simply brushing them.

The Character

The name Bulldog comes from the words “bull and dog” meaning a dog for the bulls. At first, this breed was used for a sport based on harassing and catching loose bulls. Fortunately, this wild practice ended relatively soon and our bulldog became what his character asked of him: an excellent house dog.

And yes, they truly are precious dogs to come home to.

The English Bulldog is very calm, kind, and sweet. They are good with children, but games must be controlled and supervised due to their physical characteristics. Even though they are robust and strong they can get injured really easily if they get overworked. This pet is very homemade, does not like long walks and does not withstand excessive heat or humidity very well. It is not a suitable dog to accompany the human being on long excursions or walks of several hours, but it is to keep company and be the most loyal friend you can find.

And here comes the shocker!

This breed is well known for their eternal snoring, yes, they snore and not just during their sleep. This sound accompanies the dog both awake and asleep and is produced by the appearance of its face and respiratory ducts. Usually, this sound does not indicate that the dog is sick, but if it is very strong and affects its health, it can be corrected with a relatively simple operation.

Some breeders warn the future dog-parents that the Bulldog is a “biting” dog, not of people or animals, but of objects. The habit of nibbling is not exclusive to the puppy’s teething period, but it accompanies the Bulldog throughout its life.

An important fact to keep in mind, they will need you to buy them toys to keep their biting habits in line and prevent your precious possessions from getting chewed-on!

Fundamentally our English Bulldog will need company, love, and moderate daily physical activity. Like almost everyone, this dog will not be happy if he has to spend long hours alone.

Let us remember that, as with any living thing, feeding and nutrition is very important to keep them healthy and well balanced. They do not have a natural tendency to put on weight, but since they aren’t very active, it is more difficult for them to burn the calories.


The English Bulldog is a fairly strong and healthy breed, but its physical features can cause some specimens to present problems in their respiratory tract like soft palate – in their eyes, like inflammation of the third eyelid – or in their extremities, like elbow & hip dysplasia.
These are the most common due to their complexion but you should care for them on a regular basis taking them to the vet and making sure there’s nothing wrong with them.


It seems that the English Bulldog began to breed as a breed in Great Britain around the 13th century. In that century a “national sport” was born that would be tremendously popular for several centuries: the so-called prey of bulls. Fortunately, this practice would be legally prohibited in the 18th century, and breeders had to adapt this friendly breed to a much more enjoyable and healthy activity: serving as a companion pet.


These dogs have proven time and time again that they can be tough if they need to, but sweet and adorable at heart. You need to keep in mind that they will be your loyal friend at all times

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