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1 Pack Pet Disposable Diaper Pads


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1 Pack Pet Disposable Diaper Pads

ODOR ELIMINATOR ensure your homes fresh
DURABLE. Built with extra strong material to withstand hyperactive dogs.                                         Pads stays place without any problem
Can be used in conjunction with the physiological pants
10 diapers per package
How to use:
1.Remove the relase paper on the buttom
2.Put the pads in the dog pants
3.Put on the pants
Material:Non-vowen fabrics, air-laid paper
Color: White
Size: app.5.8cmx9.7cm/2.28”x3.82”
Quantity: 1 Pack  
1 Pack Pet Disposable Diaper Pads


DAILY CARE SOLUTION | These multi-purpose diaper liners are great daily use pads for female dogs in heat (period season, menstruation cycle), marking prevention, excitable urination, and urinary incontinence. They are great alternatives to maxi pads, disposable diapers or belly wraps.

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