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Bulldogs Planet
The new family member, PEPA!

The new family member, PEPA!

The new family member, PEPA!

Hi, my name is Pepa, I’m the new member of the family!

The new family member, PEPA!
I am 4 months old and since I came to the house, everything has changed. There’s an old doggie named Sophy, almost my size, I thought she was one of my kind, but I realized that not true since she only bark’s at me when I wanna play, she’s kinda boring. You already know my other Sister, Lola, she is the inspiration of this business, but you don’t know me yet, wait until I grow up, and then my Human Family will have to change their mind of who’s their inspiration lol.

Lola and Pepa french bulldogs sleeping

I’m very happy and grateful to be here, My Family love pets, and perhaps I’m a little trouble now because I bite everything on my way, it’s because of my teeth!, and I can”t stay calm a single second of the day, they all give me love. I promise to be a good Dog, to love everyone, and don’t bother my older sisters and the cat (Simba) I forgot to tell you that he punch me on my face the second day I arrived!!! And it hurts, but I didn’t leave him alone, that’s the truth. I’ll be telling more stories as I grow up.
But now, I want to make a sales day in my Parents Page, but please don’t tell Lola, lets keep it between us ;).

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The new family member, PEPA!


The new family member

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